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Libraries of the Future

Libraries of the Future
For many years technology has been transforming education and research, bringing about profound changes to the ways in which learners, teachers, librarians, administrators and researchers undertake their work. JISC campaigns are an attempt to initiate conversations about the issues that are emerging as central to the sector.
The further and higher education sectors have responded quickly and effectively to change, harnessing the potential of technology to support, for example, access to a wide range of online resources, widening participation, more student-centred approaches to learning, innovative, complex and distributed research collaborations, and much more. However, many challenges remain.
While some of these challenges may be better addressed at the institutional level, others may benefit from broader approaches or from national debates about how technology can be fully integrated into the life and work of colleges and universities and help ensure that UK education and research remain among the best in the world.
JISC is at the forefront of many of the issues that have an impact on education and research and JISC ‘campaigns’ are an attempt to initiate conversations – with national organisations and with practitioners, researchers, librarians, senior managers, administrators and others – about the issues that are emerging as central to the sector.
As well as the Libraries of the Future campaign – the focus of this brochure – JISC recently ran a Student Experiences of Technology campaign:


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